How to Watch TFC in 2019

Starting April 1, 2019, we no longer sell the TFC Streaming Box, but instead offer several new ways to watch TFC.

TFC for your TV

Introducing Roku, our preferred TV platform for 2019. Welcome to your all-in-1 streaming setup. You own the Smart TV or streaming box, and TFC is integrated with all of your other channels and networks. One universal remote lets you switch from TFC to HBO to Netflix – and more.

Once you subscribe to TFC, add the TFC Channel to your Roku lineup.

Learn how to watch TFC on a Roku-powered TV. We’ll help you get TFC and buy the right Roku.

TFC and Roku Smart TV

TFC for your Devices

Watch TFC through our App or watch TFC online in your browser. Perfect for watching your favorite teleserye or comedy on the go, or anywhere you happen to be. 

Smartphone or Tablet: Once you subscribe to TFC, download either the Android or iOS App.

Laptop or Desktop Computer: Subscribe to TFC and start watching ASAP, right in your browser.

TFC ob smartphones, laptops, tablets

Other Ways to Watch TFC

What Happened to the TFC Streaming Box?

Consumers prefer to watch all their favorite channels through a single device/box, and Roku is the dominant streaming TV platform. With Roku, you can conveniently switch between TFC, Netflix or HBO – one box, one remote, all channels.

 We will continue to support the TFC Box for existing customers.

TFC on your Cable/Satellite

Cable providers like Cox, Spectrum or Infinity offer a limited version of TFC as part of “Filipino Packages.”