TFC + Roku

Learn how to get TFC and watch on a Roku-powered TV.

Step 1: Subscribe to TFC

First, you need TFC’s streaming service. You’ll create a Kapamilya account and subscribe to a TFC package. Get started.

Step 2: Buy a Roku

Second, you need a Roku device for your TV. We’ll help you choose the best device.
Let’s do this.

Step 3: Set Up TFC + Roku

After you subscribe to TFC and purchase a Roku device or TV, we’ll show you how start watching TFC.
Show me how.

Step 1: Subscribe to TFC

  • Choose from 3 great packages. Your biggest savings comes from buying Annual or Quarterly pricing!
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Premium Plus

The ultimate package. Every channel, ad free.

$16999 /for 1 Year
$4299 /for 3 Months
Ad Free !
4 Users/Devices
35% Discount on PPV/KBO
The Most Live Channels​
Karaoke on Demand​


A great package. Most channels, skippable ads.

$12999 /for 1 Year
$3299 /for 3 Months
Skippable Ads
3 Users/Devices
25% Discount on PPV/KBO
Some Live Channels​


Our basic package. Just TFC.  Ad supported.

$7999 /for 1 Year
$1999 /for 3 Months
Pre-Roll Ads
2 Users/Devices
Full Price PPV/KBO
Few Live Channels​

Step 2: Purchase a Roku

We do not sell Roku devices directly, mainly because we’ve found that the best prices can be found online at sites like Amazon, Walmart and more. Note: we are supported by readers, and when you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

Roku TVs and Devices

Roku Express Line

*** Best Value ***

Roku Express Line
Perfect starter device. Basic or HD. Simple remote. HDMI or A/V cables.

Roku Streaming Sticks

*** Smallest Size ***

Roku Streaming Sticks
Very Portable. Quality HD or 4K. Improved WiFi capability. Voice Remote.

Roku Ultra Line

*** Advanced Features ***

Roku Ultra Player
Top of the line. HD or 4K. Voice Remote. Headphones included. Micro SD & USB.

Roku Smart TVs

*** Built into TV ***

Roku TVs
No stick or box required. Integrated into the TV. Many configurations and sizes.

Step 3: How to Set Up TFCand Roku

There are two ways you can add the TFC Channel to your Roku setup.


1. On Your Roku TV

  • Make sure your logged into your Roku account
  • Go to the Roku Home screen (Home button on remote)
  • Scroll down to 'Search" and enter 'TFC'
  • Click 'Add Channel' (enter your Roku pin to authorize)
  • Sign into your TFC account

2. Visit

  • Visit and log into your account
  • Click the 'Profile' icon at the top right of the page
  • Scroll down to 'Channel Store"
  • In the search box, enter 'TFC'
  • Click 'Add Channel' - choose which Roku device
  • Sign into your TFC account