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TFC TV Streaming Player Reviews

by Fanatical Fans

(aka TFC on Demand Reviews)

Got the & 16.99 a month! Wish i have known abt this few years ago!!

Reese D

via Facebook, 10/4/14

Thank you TFC TV Streaming Player! We got ours last Friday and installed it right away!

Glenda T

via Facebook, 7/14/14

Got ours a month back… and we love it!!! Got Premium package, $29..sulit! Mas maaga silang mag load ng shows compared sa online… You can sync it with your acct, if u have one..and pde rin sa mobile/electronic device. I was actually listening to MOR 101.9 radio Live over the weekend. Plus..they will give you a free wifi stick, if you plan to use wifi instead of connecting it directly to long as you have good internet signal.

Lulu D

via Facebook, 7/9/14

Super ganda di kyo lugi lahat ng mga palabas noon maiirrepeat nio, 101% igagarantiya ko sa inyo na sulit na sulit tlaga ang monthly pay nio yan ang iniregalo ng bf ko 29$ per box at khit nsaan ka pa pwede mo pa I upload sa cellphone nka update kpa.

Jenice M

via Facebook, 7/3/14

We like it… Affordable! Highly recommended.

Elianathes M

via Facebook, 6/30/14

I have 1 and I like it.

Cindy B

via Facebook, 6/29/14

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